Monday, August 01, 2005

Hotter than...

...2 rats humping in a wool sock. Seriously... the A/C is broken today at work, and the thermostat right above my desk reads eighty-freakin-five!!!! Do they WANT a reminder that I'm pregnant, I get sick when I'm hot, and the sweat... sweet mary, the sweat that is dripping down my back. The only bright spot in my day is that instead of having a meeting here, I get to go to another building where the A/C works, and have the meeting there.

Yesterday, I figured out that I can feel my uterus now. It's this hard lump at the bottom of my belly. Seriously... it's so amazing that I can feel it! There's a lil' baby in there! A lima bean!! A jelly bean!! And surprisingly, this weekend, and this week have been okay so far. Thankfully, I've not been too incredibly sick. I've learned the secret to managing the nausea... EAT!! Which reminds me, it's lunchtime! (I know, 11:20 am, but that's lunchtime for me!)

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