Friday, July 29, 2005

Waiting Game...

Today, it's all about waiting. Forrest flew out of Raleigh at 8:30 to D.C. for his second interview with a certain company. If you only knew how incredibly awesome it is that this company called him back, much less flew him up there. It is THE perfect place for Forrest. I cannot imagine him working anywhere else. 75% of the work they do is for non-profit organizations and the remaining 25% is for educational and related clients. That, my friends, is very, very rare. A diamond in the rough. I've been trying not to think about it, because I'm sitting at a desk, with not much to do (it's down-time in our office... will last another month or so) and the day has stretched onnnnn and onnnnnnnnnnn. I can't wait to get a phone call from Forrest to find out how it went.

In other news... the nausea and sickness seems to be making a comeback. Granted it's every other day, but it's still happening. I keep telling myself that it's good.... right? It's good I'm sick. The other thing that's developed is the very real, and vivid dreams I've been having. Most of the dreams revolve around nursing my baby, and it's really bizarre. I've had a few that were just random and didn't make sense, but were incredibly detailed. You know the type... where a walrus is running down the road, and you see a man in a pink gown screaming "TARANTULA!!!!" from his second floor apartment that doesn't really seem to be sitting on the ground, but rather floating in the air. The best part is when the hippopotumus walks up to you and starts making small talk, and you reliaze that animals aren't as strange as you thought they were. :) Then you wake up only to find that you're sitting on a staple remover, waiting to visit your grandmother, who happens to have a bad case of monkey poo, which you've never heard of before, but according to the doctors is very rare. See? Random! :)

Besides the dreams, and nausea... I have few other symptoms, and if it weren't for the little picture I have of the "jellybean", I would have myself convinced (again) that it's all in my head, and I'm not really pregnant. Thank goodness for that little picture :)

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