Friday, July 15, 2005

8 weeks, 4 days


Yesterday, I left work early, and spent the remainder of the day sleeping off a throbbing headache. It was nice to be able to rest. So nice, that I almost called work to quit. HA! just kidding... I can't do that for another few weeks. :) Then last night, feeling a little refreshed, Forrest and I went to Barnes and Noble. I found a really awesome book, The Baby Owner's Manual . The design in this book is A-MA-ZING! Funny, yet practical. Come payday, we'll have to invest in a copy, if only for gazing at the wonderful design. Headcase Design designed the book, and it's no wonder it won a place amongst AIGA's 50 books/50 covers in 2003. But design aside, the information in the book is far from just satire. I was able to find information in this book that either wasn't in other books, or I simply couldn't find in other books.

After our trip to Barnes and Noble, we went home where I promptly crashed. Sleep is such a wonderful thing when you're pregnant. I find myself falling asleep at my desk, in the bathroom, in my car at a stoplight... I must be growing a giant inside of me, as much energy as it's zapping out of me. Not only that, but the bizarre sudden attacks of hunger that hit me. I'll be typing away at my desk, and suddenly, out of nowhere, the child is yanking it's umbilical cord and screaming "FEEEEEEEED MEEEEEEE!!!!!!" as if the extra large burrito and chips from lunch weren't enough. I feel like I'm always eating. It's not a good idea to go from being on Weight Watchers (where you notice every single morsal that goes into your mouth) to being pregnant (where you are putting every single morsal in site in your mouth). I feel like a big fat COW!! And I know, I know... Forrest is shaking his head saying, "You're not a cow, you're pregnant!!" But the more I hear from other people, the more I realize that the tiredness, the nausea, the vomiting, the hunger are all good things! It means my baby is healthy and alive in there, and that it's not some figment of my imagination. So, here's to you my child... here's a full bag of chex-mix, and some cookies, and whatever else I can find here at work... Enjoy!!!

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