Tuesday, October 02, 2007


The other day, as I changed Shepherd's diaper, he smiled, waved downwards, and said, "Bye-bye ni-ni!" Yes, we have our first two word sentence, but somehow, I'd hoped for something other than waving bye to his "ni-ni".

(By the way, that's not what we're calling it... we've decided to use the proper words)

(And another note, we aren't planning on showing him that video either... that dude just plain creeps me out)


Liza said...

Yes, but you'll never forget it! That's hilarious.

justin said...

that's great!

and that video is insanely creepy. that man probably shouldn't be on that playground.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Mine did the exact same thing, only Drew said Bye Bye Weenie! Who knows where he learned the word weenie...we always use proper terms, too :-)