Thursday, August 16, 2007

37 weeks

First off, a hearty congrats are in order for Reesh and Devinder (and of course little Lily) over at 2 Pink Lines on the birth of their second daughter, Nadia. I have to say, I'm awfully jealous of the name, since it was my number one pick for a girls name, but didn't sit right with Forrest. :) So congratulations to you all!

Second off, I'm finally full term. Which means my body has kicked into high gear with all sorts of contractions. In fact, yesterday, I had a day full of semi-regular contractions. They tapered off towards the afternoon, only to ramp up again last night. The PA at my doctor's office checked me at my appointment yesterday, and said the baby was low (between -2 and -1 station), my cervix is still thick, and I'm a "fingertip" dilated. So... there's some progress. Today I haven't had many contractions, but the few I've had were intense and put a lot of pressure on my pelvic girdle. So, we'll see when it all happens.

My mother-in-law and father-in-law are placing bets on when the baby will be born (not literally, yo, just for bragging rights) and I thought, why not include you guys in on the game?

Cathy has voted for August 28th.

Jim, for September 1.

Bear in mind, my due date is September 7, that Shepherd was born right on time, and that there's a full moon on the 28th. That is all information they are privy too, so you now have all the information needed to make an educated guess as to the birth date.

Hey, I may even throw in a nice little surprise... a gift card to somewhere or something like that. So, happy guessing!! And here's hoping I don't have to wait 3 more weeks in this heat to see this baby. :)


Kat said...

Seeing as though everyone is going early and I might do so myself. I am going to go with August 30th.

seattlebags said...

I am guessing....

September 2

(Although for your sake, I hope a little earlier and definitely no later!)

Anonymous said...

September 4. But I hope sooner for you in this heat!

Avorie said...

I'm going to vote for Septmber 3rd since it hasn't been taken yet!

But of course I hope that it's really tonight!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I will go with September 5.

I know a lot of kids with that birthday.

Plus, i got engaged on September 5th.

girl from florida said...

I vote September 7th, right on the due date :)

Isabel said...

Hooray for being full term!!

I'm voting for September 3rd (it's my sister's b-day) even thought Avorie picked it also. That's allowed, right??!!

Forrest said...

Being the father, I've been told I'm not allowed to bet. I, by default, want what Corinne wants (apparently).

That being said, my official, sanctioned opinion is that she is going to have the baby today.


Nadine said...

How exciting!

I'm going to go for.... August 29.