Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wide Open

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This past week has been a crazy week. Crazy-good, not crazy-bad. Shepherd is more and more mobile (if it's possible) and runs until he is worn slap out. I mentioned the climbing yesterday, which is still going on, and then there's the running. Lord have mercy, the running. I watched him this morning as he ran around the playground, and it honestly looked as though his feet never touched the ground. He is so fast, and wide open. Yes, there are moments I gripe and complain about how active he is, but for the most part, I am so grateful for his energy. He keeps me busy (which I so desperately need) in addition to keeping me in shape. I had a co-worker of my mother's tell me today that I was one of the few pregnant women she'd seen actually get skinnier while I was pregnant. Granted, she didn't mean I was fat before, what she meant was that I'm all belly, and every other part of me seems to have either shrunk due to weight loss, or shrunk in comparison with the monstrous belly that I have. It's true... I feel huge, even though I have 57 more days to go (roughly 8 weeks). The only downside to getting huge is that it is harder and harder to keep up with the little man. I'm wanting to chase him around the house, to crawl around with him, and play, but more and more, it's difficult to get down on the ground and then get back up. Not only so, but by late evening, I'm so sore around my pelvic girdle, it's all I can do to get undressed. Have any of you gone through this with a very active toddler while pregnant? Any suggestions on things to do (bearing in mind the TV does nothing for him, and neither does quiet sit-down activities such as drawing or puzzles)? I try to get out and do something every day, mostly for my own sanity. If we do decide to stay home, I usually find my house in complete disarray by days end, books strewn everywhere, toys littered throughout the house, making pick-up a not so pleasant task (remember? the pelvic pain?). My options right now mostly involve the play area at the mall that's fenced in. I'm debating having Forrest and my Dad fence off the backyard (which wouldn't take TOO much to do, as one side is already fenced in). I'd love to go to the park, but Shepherd's way faster than I am, and I cannot keep up with him. Maybe one of these days, we'll get a jungle gym type thing for the backyard, get the yard fenced in, and I can just watch him run and run and run from the comfort of my own backyard, while sipping virgin daquari's and enjoying my huge, pregnant belly.


Tina said...

have you tried a sandbox? Water table? Kiddie pool?

Tina said...

playing w/the hose and some buckets/toys? Also, digging in the dirt! Boys LOVE LOVE LOVE that. Moving pebbles/rocks from one side of the yard to the other? Ride on toys in the driveway? BUBBLES! Get a bubble machine and let him chase them! Or a bubble gun!

Doobiewah said...

I know you said he didn't like TV - but Mr. Man (now 6) absolutely loved the Baby Mozart series - all of them, and he watched them til he was 3 or so. He also loved to play "tent" - I would give him a flashlight and drape a blanket over furniture and he would crawl and wander all over!

I ditto Tina with the hose and buckets - plus a sprayer - but you may get wet, but that's part of the fun!

Good Luck!