Tuesday, June 12, 2007

3 Year and Still Going Strong

Yesterday, we received a beautiful card in the mail wishing us a happy anniversary. My first reaction to the card was to laugh and mutter something about our anniversary not being for another few...

oh crap...

"It's tomorrow isn't it?" I thought to myself. Quickly I called Forrest to weasel out of him if he'd remembered or not. I quickly asked him what tomorrow was, and he paused, thought long and hard, and then laughed. "It's our anniversary isn't it?" he said. "So you forgot too?" "Yes... I'm so sorry!" he said. We both had a good laugh over forgetting, and made last minute arrangements to go out tonight, while my parents babysit. Living close to family ROCKS!!!

So anyways, this brought us to question. Is this something that happens to everyone with children or is it just us? Last year was easy to remember. Shepherd was just a litle baby and we were on vacation with family who insisted we go out for the evening. This year, I remembered our anniversary was coming up way back in April, and meant to make plans for it and all, but just forgot. Somewhere between chasing Shepherd off the dining room chairs (he now climbs them all the time) and begging my second little angle to pu-lease settle down a tad, because no one likes a dancing fetus in your RIBCAGE...I kind of forgot about the whole shebang.

I guess in the end, it's not that big of a deal, since we actually remembered before our anniversary, even if only a day before. All that said, I am so incredibly fortunate to have such a wonderful partner and husband in Forrest. I cannot even imagine living my life without him. With him, I feel safe, loved, accepted, and at home. I am truly blessed to have him, and my love for him grows daily. Thank you for 3 wonderful years, honey. I love you! Happy Anniversary!!!


Janene said...

It amazes me sometimes how much we have in common...I celebrated my 3 year anniversary with my hubby yesterday (6/12/04) by putting up a baby crib for #2 and finally spending a night without a child in the room or in the womb for the first time since Feb. 2005. :)

We didn't really forget...but we didn't really do anything super exciting. In fact we joked, because Nate was CRAZY yesterday,that we thank God that everyday isn't our anniversary.

Hope it was happy!

Chris said...

I remember. But then, I don't usually remember how old I am so I'm not a reliable source.

Happy anniversary!!

Anonymous said...

Our Anniversary was Tuesday. I remembered it last week just fine...but on Monday evening found myself scrabbling to get a card because I had forgotten. But that's alright--so did he :-)

Happy Belated Anniversary!