Monday, May 21, 2007

25 weeks

This morning, as I was showering, I realized that I only have 15 weeks left in this pregnancy. Only 15 weeks?! Where has the time gone? I'm definately feeling more and more pregnant, as my belly has popped out. It's harder to bend over and pick up Shepherd, and near impossible to get comfortable sitting or sleeping. The little lady is kicking up a storm, and her patterns are pretty predictable. She almost always gets to going around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, with a flurry of activity right before I go to bed. Earlier this week, I started having some pretty intense Braxton Hicks contractions, enough to where I called the after-hours nurse, who told me to call back if they continued after another hour, or if I experienced more than 4 contractions in one hour. Of course, I'd already had 5 that previous hour, and told her that. We scheduled and appointment the following morning just to double check everything and make sure nothing was progressing. I met another doctor from this new practice and liked him a whole lot. He was so wonderfully nice, and reassuring. Everything checked out, and the baby is doing great. He said since I had early contractions with Shepherd, that I'd probably have even more with this one... especially since everything has already stretched out once before. The babie's heartbeat was super strong, and my weight gain is wonderful (so far only 8 lbs, but I'd lost 6 pounds the first trimester, putting me only 2 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight).

I'm getting more and more excited about this pregnancy. It's not that I haven't been excited, it's just so hard to focus on being pregnant when chasing after a 15 month old. It's much easier now to focus on being pregnant when my belly is in the way of chasing and running after Shepherd, making it a challenge to keep up with him anymore. I'm having to find more creative ways of corraling him so I don't have to run after him. Thankfully, our mall has a wonderful play area for toddlers that's completely closed in. They also have free wireless, allowing me to type this entry while Shepherd runs screaming around the play area climbing everything he can. Another bonus? No one seems to know that the play area opens early in the morning, so no one is here. So here I type, on free internet, and not having to chase my son around, only glance up from time to time to check on where he is. Whoop, gotta go!!! He's on top of the slide!!

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