Monday, November 06, 2006

Mikey sings the ABC's

Recently, we found a used activity table like this for Shepherd, since he's pulling up a lot. It allowed him to play standing up, and it's been great. We found it at a consignment store, so it wasn't much at all. We have been happy with our purchase, so I realize that despite this one major irritation I have, it's fine.

The irritation?

The little book in the middle flips from music to learning. On one side, you can press the buttons and it's musical. I love this side. I catch myself singing the scat that the singer sings when you open the door. It's great. The other side? I don't like so much. In fact, I'm debating super gluing that side down. Why? Well, put it this way... as much as I like some of Michael Jackson's stuff (Jackson 5, people, Jackson 5, don't worry), I don't exactly like hearing the ABC's sung like Mikey would have. Or maybe that doesn't really give you a good understanding of how awful this is. It's kind of like if Brittney Spears was 5 years old, with a breathy voice, singing the ABC's... so it kinda bothers me. Forrest and I joke about the song all the time, singing various other children songs in completely inappropriate, breathy voices. The problem is that Shepherd is fascinated with turning the "pages" back and forth, so I hear this song on average of 15 times a day. Granted, there IS an off switch on the bottom of the thing, but Shepherd gets all frustrated when he bangs on the keyboard and nothing happens.

And people wonder what drives parents crazy.

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