Thursday, September 07, 2006


You know how there are things in life that irritate you, and you know that you should just chill the heck out? But somehow, you can't get over them??

One of my things is people who refuse to merge with traffic. The signs are everywhere, on both sides of the road, that the right lane ends, to merge left (or vice versa), and they refuse to merge, plowing through as if the lane they are in continues into infinity. I'll admit, I'm pretty anal when it comes to the signs, and I merge as soon as I see one. I like to think that I'm helping my fellow citizins out by refusing to "bottleneck" down where the lanes actually merge. The worst is when people in the lane that keeps straight switch to the lane that merges, and fly around traffic, only to try to cut in at the bottleneck. THIS is why there's a line of cars a mile long, people like you, you idiot. I hate it when people do this, so of course, I pull my car as close to the car in front of me, because I know the jackass who pulled around everyone will try to cut in front of me. Sure enough, he tries... in the south? people would wait for a nicer person to let them in (i.e. the man behind me), but up here? THEY COME ON OVER!!!! They act as though it's YOUR fault that they waited for the last possible moment to merge. In fact, I often get flipped the bird by those drivers.

Am I missing something? It seems to me it should be me waving my one fingered victory salute (so eloquently stated by our resident idiot president), but instead, I'm the one cursed, flipped off, and nearly killed. And I sit there, steam coming out of my ears, as I follow the jerk until the lanes open up again.


Jenn said...

Thank you! This annoys me to infinity. My husband tries to straddle both lanes so people can't drive up to the merge and try and cut in. It rarely works but at least he tries; I'm not quite ballsy enough to.

Hannah said...

I don't know . . . When I first moved back to Georgia a few years ago, people were curteous, but now that our city is growing, people seem to think it's a race. Everyone is so busy and in a hurry. I hate it.

I enjoyed this post. This is something that totally stresses me out.

VHMPrincess said...

Ah ha! This drives me INSANE as well. It helps to drive a huge black SUV - the people trying to sneak in are not quite sure if you can see them or not, so they are a little less gutsy w/the coming over on you.