Friday, September 22, 2006

7 months

Dear Shepherd,

Today, you turn 7 months old. This past month has flown by. You're changing every day, so fast that I can't begin to document all of the changes.

For starters, you have been working on sticking out your tongue at us. This has been quite a joy to watch, and has brought many laugh. You started with just moving your tongue around in your mouth. But after studying our faces long and hard, you began to try to push out your tongue. You made it to the space between your gums and your lips, and for a while, I joked that it looked as though you were chewing tobacco (which, if you ever do, you will be in big, BIG trouble, mister!). And two days ago, you finally got your tongue out. The look on your face was unadulterated joy. You were just like the big people who stick their tongues out at you. And finally, you could be one of us. We laughed, I cried, and we played the game of sticking our tongues out at each other. You love this game. Especially if we're driving somewhere, and at the stoplight, I turn around and make a face at you in the mirror we've put in the backseat. You laugh and try to stick out your tongue some more.

This month also brought the introduction of a big, BIG dog in your life. You'd met Maggie (Gram and Grandaddy's dog) before, but you were too little to remember it. At first, we were worried that Maggie would knock you over, or get too excited and hurt you, but we tried anyways. At first, you were very scared. You whimpered and clung to me. But we sat there, while I held you, and you summoned all of your courage up and reached out and touched the big monster. Maggie sat really still, and you patted her nose over and over. Finally with a squeal, you stuck your hand in Maggie's mouth. What possessed you to do this, I don't know, but you had decided that this dog was your friend, and she wouldn't hurt you. After that, you loved the doggie, and watched her everywhere she went.

Another thing we've enjoyed this month has been the change in weather. It'd been cooler and not so hot, so we've been able to go to the park and swing. You love swinging, especially if there are other kids around. You smile at them as if to ask them to watch how big you are, swinging. We've had a lot of fun playing at the playground, and another one of your favorite parts is the bubble mirrors. We stand there and make faces at each other, laughing at each other.

And last but not least, this month you've been sick. You've had a raging ear infection that probably started as a cold. For that, I'm very, VERY sorry. It probably came from one of the kids in the nursery at church or something, but irregardless, you've handled it like a pro. I hardly knew it was bothering you until you started waking up more at night crying. Finally, figuring that the runny nose wasn't just teething, we went to the doctor. The doctor looked in your little ear and said, "Yep! Ear infection!". So we got you on a round of antibiotics and hopefully that will clear up soon. But through it all, you've still been a happy, sweet little boy. Every morning when Daddy brings you into our room for our morning cuddle, you smile at us and happily snuggle in with us.

I love you SO much little man. I cannot fathom my life without you. You make each day bright with your smile, and each day, I'm amazed at the wonderful joy of having you in my life.

With all of my love, Happy 7 months,



Anonymous said...

He's adorable!

That is a very sweet letter. I wish I had done that for my boys when they were small.

reese said...

So sweet!

Years down the road it won't matter to him how long you breastfed, but it will matter that we made the decisions to be the best mommy you can. Good job!

Much More Than A Mom said...

Happy 7 months, Shepherd!

Congrats on making it to 7 months nursing - that is an accomplishment for sure. I wish you lots of luck in your journey to health and well being.