Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I don't know if it counts or not, but Shepherd said something yesterday that made sense. We were sitting there, and he said slowly, "Aaahhh-Haaaaa". I repeated it back to him, and he flashed a HUGE smile. Then later that day, I said A-HA to him, and he repeated it back to me. Now... I know that it's not technically a word, but that's pretty good right? Or am I just looking too hard??

Anyways... in other news, I'm looking to figure out a new domain name for my site, as Forrest is re-designing it for me, and learning Movable Type (so hopefully I can learn it). That way I can control a lot more about my site than I presently can. Any suggestions for new blog names? ( is already taken!!) I may revamp the whole name and try something different, but who knows.

Well, I'd better go, Shepherd is awake now... so much for a long nap!

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beth said...

maybe your new website can use the word "minivan" or something like that? forrest told me you wanted a minivan and that you wanted to reclaim the whole idea of minivans--to take the stigma out of them, to be a modern woman and mom who drives a minivan in style, to find the fun in owning a minivan, ETC. i'm sure you'll find an appropriate, sassy and fresh name for your new site in no time....