Friday, July 21, 2006

Royal Thrones

So, Shepherd is in his crib, and is supposed to be napping, but instead, is talking to the little animals that hang from his mobile. So this entry probably won't be long.

A quote from an e-mail I sent Forrest this morning:

"Anyways, I got the toilet seats (um, they're real toilet seats, not the cheap-o plastic crap ones that the apartment people would put in to replace the cheap-o ones we broke (we'll take them with us, I promise... HA! Take our toilet seats with us when we move, that's funny! and kinda gross)"

Yes, our toilet seats were broken. Broken? You say. Yes, broken. And not because we're really heavy and broke them like that, but because they are really crappy toilet seats (hmmm... there's probably a better way to say that without sounding like I never clean). So yeah... old seats out!

New seats in!!!

Am I weird to be excited about good, quality toilet seats???


Jenni said...

Are you weird to be excited about good, quality toilet seats???
Weeeelll....we all have our little loveable/strange quirks. =)

Isabel said...

I know I probably start all of my comments with "this same thing just happened to me", but really...this just happened to us. The King broke the seat off the toilet while getting the baby out of the tub. They haven't fixed it yet, so I just about fall on the floor every time I try to use the toilet. It isn't pretty.

I LOVE your tiled floor. And it's so clean and sparly.

Erika said...

No, you aren't weird. We have a plastic seat (2 ceramic ones) and I hate it.