Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pool Time

Okay, seriously? Could the guys hanging out around the outside of the pool fence staring in get ANY creepier? And the lifeguard? Could he be any grosser with that too tight speedo he's wearing? And when they have "kids out", that doesn't mean for all the kids to get out and run over to the baby pool to play. It's called a BABY POOL for a reason. Seriously, y'all, come'on!! You're 10 years old, surely by now you can wait 15 minutes for them to let you back in? If not, at least don't run and do a quasi-cannonball in the baby pool while there are babies in it!!!!!



Kristin said...

The same thing happened at our pool. It was a little annoying when we were trying to play with Logan & they were doing push ups. I make a snarky remark about the baby pool being there for babies. Some of the moms heard me & got their older kids out pretty darn quick, making sure to tell them not to splash around the baby.

Anonymous said...

It sounds annoying, but hey--at least you have a community pool! We don't have one here.

You need to do like me. Make friends with a couple with a nice pool. They should have grown children and full time jobs. Then you can take your kids there to swim whenever you like with no interruptions! :)

Sweety said...

Oh no, sounds terrible.

We still have to take Tim for his first pool visit. Am looking forward to that!

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

If the creepy guys are wearing raincoats, go somewhere else. Immediately.