Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Well, Shepherd has officially figured out the raspberry. He's been doing it constantly for 2 days now. It's so cute... unless he's eating. Then he spits the food all over me. But still it's cute!

Anyways, I've opened the comments back up to everyone (sorry for that) and we'll see if that helped get rid of the Spammers.

I'm fresh out of blogging material, as I'm super-d-duper sleep-deprived. My wonderful sleeper has turned into a 3-4 time a night waker, and I'm not adjusting very well. Must be teeth (!?!?).

Gosh, this is boring... I know. I apologize. Maybe later tonight I'll try again? or tomorrow? Oh well... until then? Here's a picture of the little man.


Anonymous said...

Word to the wise--sweet potatoes in the eyes BURNS! :-) Watch out for those suppertime raspberries!

Lizzie said...

oh I feel your sleep deprived pain.. I realllllly do.

repeat my mantra... "this will not last forever"

and at the same time... this does not last forever... cherish all those times you can look into his face in a dark and quiet room and remember those beautiful moments.. they truly are precious.

Judy said...

he is totally adorable! and good luck with the whole sleeping thing. i can only imagine how rough it can be. but, it's not forever, right? :)

Kristin said...

That is one of the best baby pictures I have evern seen. You have some great talent Corrine!