Friday, June 09, 2006


So, yes, I'm very aware that my son is not even 4 months old (although 16 weeks is 4 months, but that's another story, don't get me started). Already, he's rolling over regularly (i.e. every time we have tummy time, he refuses to stay on his tummy), he's scooting on this back (meaning, I've found him crammed into a corner of the crib several mornings), and requesting food. Yep, requesting food... you read that right. He eats at the table with us every night, and lately has been opening his mouth immitating us. Forrest and I pulled out the baby spoon, and pretended to feed him. He grabbed our hands and shoved the empty spoon in his mouth, and then chewed. So, last night? We gave in and fed him a little cereal.

Judging by that face, you'd think he hated it. But... after a few bites, the child was reaching for the spoon before it got to his mouth and pulling it towards him... he liked it THAT MUCH.

Also? Lately, he's been drooling worse than a St. Bernard, and cramming everything and anything into his mouth. Also? He wants to nurse non-stop. I called the doctor to see if this was normal, because, hey, the kid's already had his 3 month growth-spurt, seems kind of odd to want to nurse that much at this point... plus? It's been more than 3 days w/ the non-stop nursing. She said it sounded like teething, and for me to look in his mouth... Sure enough? His bottom two teeth are coming in.. swollen gums and all. So, YAY! No sleep and sore boobies! :)

Anyways... I'm so glad today is Friday. The weekend is finally here! And best of all? I get to hang out with this hottie and the little cutie....

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Beth Fish said...

Am quite sure I called the teething thing two days ago. Am super duper smart expert on all things mothering. Or got lucky.

Hang in there, only 12 teeth and then you get a break. :)