Wednesday, March 29, 2006

You may be wondering...

What's up with the lack of good posts lately (other than adorable pictures and videos and such)? I have no excuse, other than I have no idea what to write about anymore. Well, I do... but when I go to write, my mind goes completely blank. I think it may have something to do with the lack of sleep.
Last week, I reached an new level of desperation (heh, does that make me a desperate housewife? nah...). I'm an extrovert (no duh! you say) and love being around people. The problem with moving to a whole new city where you have no friends is... well, you have no friends! It's been extra hard for me to meet new people because, while I'm an extrovert, I'm extremely bad at meeting new people. I can get all shy and clam up, and talk about dumb things like the weather. Once I'm past that, I'm okay. But getting past that is hard. So last week, at my wits end, and having seen no other adult other than Forrest in 2 weeks (I met Beth a few weeks ago for lunch) I decided I'd call my great-aunt Margaret, who's 80 years old, and go visit her. We actually had a great time. She took me and Shepherd to lunch, and then we went and hung out at her house. Yes... I hung out with an 80 year old widow. :) The best part? Looking at old pictures of our family. It's amazing how much I look like my great-grandmother (her mother). Then yesterday, I went to visit her daugher, my first cousin-once removed (if you'd like an explination about the difference between first cousin and first cousin once removed, I'll give you my dad's phone number because he knows all of that stuff, which gets a little complicated, and the only way I ever understood it was when he drew a diagram for me...ANYWAYS).
My cousin has a new puppy... Gracie:

Gracie is a Welsh Terrier, and is the cutest thing since sliced bread. My cousin held Shepherd while I played with the puppy. We had so much fun just hanging out. All this to say, I definately need to find people to hang out with that are my age. Granted, I had a lot of fun with my family (my cousin is my dad's age), but I really need to meet some women my age. I'm thinking of going to a Bible Study at church that's made up of moms, but other than that, what are some ways to meet people? I know there are websites for playgroups and such, but where do I find them?

Changing subjects, I'm excited about the next few weeks. Next weekend, Forrest's mom and step-dad are coming up to celebrate Forrest's birthday and to see Shepherd. The weekend after that, we're going to North Carolina to visit my family for Easter. Mom is flying me and Shepherd down the Thursday before Easter (Forrest has to work that whole week) and then Forrest will drive down Friday night. I can't WAIT to visit home again. I always enjoy seeing family and friends. Well, I hate to cut this short, but Shepherd just started fussing, so I need to go see what's happening... I'll close with a picture of us this morning...


Isabel said...

Making friends is so hard. I feel for you. When I first moved out here to Seattle, I was so lonesome. It took me years to find the good friends that I have now. Good luck to you!

Oh, and correct me if I'm wrong...but wouldn't your Great Grandma's daughter be your Great Aunt??!! That's what I always called mine! (You might need to ask your Dad about it!)

What a lovely picture. Too precious!

girl from florida said...

I would definitely suggest the Bible study... I've met SO MANY wonderful new girlfriends (a few new moms) through mine. Girls who are my age, with similar interests as me. Love it!

Suzanne said...

The picture is so pretty ... so cute!!!

I'm glad you at least have all of your internet friends!!!

Avorie said...

I'm trying to make friends too. I don't know about your area, but our hospital offers postpartum classes and events where you can meet other new mothers. Maybe there is one near you?

Also, there are baby classes like Kindermusic that you can go to. I'm going to take Lilly when my hospital class is over.

You might also try a gym where they offer mommy-and-me classes.

Oh, I have a monday marketplace idea for you. You could review the Noggin Nest by Boppy. It's awesome. We have one for the carseat and the stroller.