Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Is it just me?

Or do all of you have the same terrifying fear that people won't like you? Today I had lunch with the beautiful Beth and Mia Mia is even more beautiful than her pictures (if that's possible) and Beth, of course, is gorgeous (and no I'm not just butt-kissing here). To be honest with you, I was totally terrified of meeting either one of them. Not because I thought Beth was some schizophrenic psycho (which, you know, she could be... but... Nah!), but because I was terrified that she wouldn't like me. I have a pretty low-self esteem at times, and post pregnancy is one of them. I mean, who gains 50 lbs, and doesn't feel a wee bit concious of how she looks? But anyways... I was saying... Does everyone feel like this? Or is it just me? Do even the pretty girls out there get nervous and hope that people like them? I mean, yeah, I hope that people like me for me (the me on the inside), but there's always this part of me that wants to be liked because I'm pretty too... GOSH, that sounds so shallow when I type it out, but I'm leaving it because you know what? It's the truth.
Anyways... moving on... We had a great lunch, even if at times it might have been a wee bit awkward, which I just chalk up to my own jittery nerves. Shepherd and I are looking forward to lunch again. Plus, Mia was just absolutely angelic... she even seemed to like Shepherd! (at least she screamed happy squeels when he finally awoke from his slumber to peek out at the world). Don't you wish you could have had lunch today with Queen Mia and her wonderful mom? I know you do....


Beth Fish said...

Huh. I thought you looked fabulous, especially considering that you had a baby three weeks ago. I'm not sure I had even brushed my hair yet at three weeks. And I don't know if everybody worries that people won't like them, but I know I sure do. Sorry about eating your baby like that, I'll try to control myself next time.

Isabel said... you actually met a fellow blogger in real life? I think that part alone would have freaked me out. You are very brave.

And, yes, I think we all want to be liked. For whatever reason, whether because we're pretty, smart, or a good piano player. You know?!

We just have to rememeber that if someone doesn't like us-it's their fault and not ours. Oh and they suck!!

Rude Cactus said...

Well, I'm glad you four had a good time. I'm feeling just a tad left out here. That whole work thing gets in the way! :-)

Anonymous said...

i have lunch with queen mia every day.

much love,

justin said...

i want to have lunch with you and shepherd! no fair..

i understand your fear of not being liked very well, but i'll say this: anyone who doesn't like my amazing sister is stupid and i hope their cereal gets soggy every morning for the rest of their lives.

hope you are having a good week. oh and i don't know if you remember but i started a new blog and i actually update it semi-regularly.

love you!

Jenni said...

Two of my all time favorite bloggers having lunch together!! That is just too cool!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I know how you feel. I recently met another blogger for drinks and I had some apprehension. I felt like I needed to be clever because I knew that she thought my bllog was clever.

Of course, everything was okay - but you are not alone.

Erika said...

Add me to the left out list :o(. I hope to meet Shepherd and you for lunch one day when I have a baby toy of my own!

Autumn's Mom said...

My friend and I had this conversation just this morning. She said she wanted to meet a fellow blogger and I said, no I don't think I would. I don't want the image in my head ruined of them (if they turned out to be not so nice). I also don't want the image of me to be disappointing either. Maybe that's not healthy. So I'll say here and now, if we were ever on the same coast :) I love to have lunch with you and shepherd ;) But I'd worry and fret the whole time! haha