Wednesday, February 01, 2006

State of the Union/Baby

I hope some of you didn't expect my next post to be all, "THIS IS IT!!! We're going to the hospital!!!" because since yesterday's events, nothing has happened. Well, stuff has happened, just not anything labor related (besides continued bloody show, which, ew!). This morning, we got up early to go meet the pediatrician we've chosen. I really liked the office, yet, we didn't have a chance to meet the doctor (he wasn't there today). The nurses were nice, and the layout of the office was great. They have a sick room and a well room for waiting rooms (which is nice), and the nurse told us that with newborns, they try to go ahead and take you back to an exam room so you won't be waiting with all the sickly children. That was nice to hear!!! :) So, all in all, we really liked the place, and if things seem "iffy" then we'll resume our search for a doctor. We just needed to settle on one because we need to have their name for the delivery!

I'm actually glad that I survived through the night last night, what with the State of the Union Address and all. It was enough to send a pregnant woman into labor what with the high blood pressure and all that this even usually evokes in me. First off, most of you know (and if you don't, you now do) that I cannot STAND Bush. The man gets under my skin, and bothers me the way no one else does. Is it the way he says A-MER-CA, leaving out the I? Or NU-CU-LAR, instead of NU-CLE-AR? Is it the way he smirks and grins when he thinks he's right? Or is it the way that the right unabashedly support him without question? Is it how he purports that No Child Left Behind is a wonderful program? Because, my mother is the lead teacher in Math for the whole county in North Carolina, and to hear what she says about the impacts of this program? Would convince even the staunchest supporter of Bush that this program is crap. I could go on and on, and on, and on about all of the things that annoyed me last night, but I'm not very good at verbalizing things. I do however, recommend you read Chris's post today about the State of the Union address.

Anyways, since surviving that speech, I've got big plans today to get some things clean for company this weekend (my parents are coming!!!!!!!!! YAY!) If anything changes in the "labor department" I'll let y'all know! :)


Isabel said...

I can't believe you didn't have that baby last night. Huh. Good luck today.

I agree with you..that smirk is horrible. He does it in every picture. You'd think that someone would tell him to strike a different pose.

K. said...

Yippee! Finally someone who hates Bush as much as I do, for many of the same reasons. How about him blinking back those fake tears last night for the fallen soldier? I can't stand him. And I guess he thinks that stating something makes it true? So many lies and misleadings last night....

Anyway. I'll send you some labor vibes. :)