Saturday, February 25, 2006

Of Gas and Sleep....

I'm sitting here typing away with one hand, holding our gassy little one with one arm ad resorting to keyboarding kills I haven't used since before middle school typing class (complete with totally not looking at the screen and pecking out words with one finger). So please forgive the horrible typing.

What a trip... it's been a crazy first week, and maybe one day I'll get around to posting our labor story. Shepherd is everything that I dreamed he would be and more. He is absolutely gorgeous... I never thought I could lov someone more than I love Forrest... or my family... or everyone I love. Just one look at Shepherd and I totally melt. I would hold him forever if I thought I could survive without the sleep.

Oh... and sleep? Remind me what that is again??? Chris and Matthew warned us, but no amount of warning can possibly prepare you for what happens once your baby is born. Between hormones, lack of sleep, and absolutely not knowing what the heck I'm doing, it's very frazzling. Don't get me wrong... it's totally worth it. But I don't think anyone can be prepared for what happens. Thankfully, my mom came back up today, and Forrest and I were able to catch up on some sleep while she rocked and held Shepherd through some rough gas.

And there we have it... Gas. The one thing that keeps your child awake. Shepherd is a fart machine. Yes... I know he'll kill me one day for saying this, but seriously dude... The gas? Won't.......Stop...... Oh yes, I've burped him, rocked him, everything, but the boy just gets gas! It isn't too bad during the day, just at night he seems to not tolerate it as well. Oh, and the smell? Wow... yeah... but thing is, even though it smells bad... I love that smell! The pediatrician seems to think it's okay, and that his gassiness is just him getting used to using his GI tract. Tonight he seems to be better.... actually, he's totally 100% asleep right now, so I'm going to go try to lay him down. Maybe I'll be back after that since I'm pretty wired from the made up sleep I've had.


VHMPrincess said...

!!!! Hope u got some Zs last night!!!!! Thanks 4 posting, I was hoping everything was ok!

Suzanne said...

It's good to see a post from you! It is so true, no one or nothing can prepare you for what unfolds in the months after the birth! It does get easier - I promise!! Have you tried Mylicon? It works very helped us get through the gassy times & still does!!
Hang in there, enjoy yourself & sleep when he does, don't worry about what you could get done while he is sleeping - SLEEP!!
Have a good weekend!! - can't wait to see more pics, but you sleep first!!

Avorie said...

Oh, I totally understand. And to think I told people that I got no sleep while pregnant and life with a newborn would surely give me more sleep... Boy was I wrong!!

I hope lillte Sheppard's gas problem resolves its self quickly and you get more sleep.

Kristin said...

The one-handed typing totally gets better :)

Logan was pretty gassy in the beginning too. (If you're breast feeding...) There were things that I was eating that didn't help too much either. Dairy, chocolate (I'm still not giving this up), gassy veggies like onions, cabbage, etc. I cut these out (or limited...chocolate) & he's much better.

As much as everyone does not want to hear about this, but with the lack of get used to it. By the 3rd week I was waking up right as he was smacking his lips & before the loud "I'm hungry" cry. It's been a few days since I've had a nap as well.

Glad to hear that you & your new family are getting along well though! Take care of yourself & I can't wait to see pics & read your birth story...when you have time :)