Sunday, February 12, 2006

Letter to my son...

Dear Shepherd,

Tuesday, you will be 39 weeks old. Your due date is 9 days from today. If you decide to stay put, your induction date is 15 days from today. Hopefully, things won't come to that. You are a big boy. I can tell. I really, really wish you'd "head on out" because mommy is pretty uncomfortable. Last night a big snow storm came through, and I thought surely you would come then. I mean, as much as both your mommy and daddy love snow, I thought we'd pass that on to you, and you'd decide to make an appearance to see the snow. But you didn't. So today, we went outside and played in the snow, even making a snowman... and videotaped some of it just to show you the fun you missed out on. Tonight is a full moon. They say lots of babies are born during full moons. But not you. You dare to be different. So, I'm sitting here writing this letter to you to say one thing.

Please, please come out.

I fear the worst has happened, and you've inherited my tendancy towards procrastination. You've also become quite a tease, with contractions the past 5 nights in a row, but nothing to show for it. You also get that from your mommy. All I'm asking is for a little focus. Just focus on making your way out, because if mommy doesn't get any sleep, she might be a little batty when you get here. In fact, she's already a little batty, and she snapped at daddy the other night for no reason. But really, I know you're nice and warm inside, and I know there's a reason that you're in there still... just I can't figure out what it is. Please know that your mommy and daddy are just beside themselves with excitement about your arrival (in fact, we're not the only ones judging from the number of phone calls I get each day to check to see if you're here yet!). We walk in your room every day and look at the crib, the changing table, the toys, the clothes, and everything, and just cannot WAIT to meet you! So please, it would make us so, SO happy if you'd come soon :)

And..... I'll give you a cookie.... :)

Your Mommy


Reesh said... could Shepherd not come now!

Kristin said...

That really made me choke up, probably a combination of it being a really cute letter, hormones, lack of sleep & remembering feeling the same way.

Shepherd is almost here, he's in the home stretch now!

I'm sure that cookie bribe will speed things along too. I know I would come out faster :)