Friday, January 20, 2006

Revenge of the Idiot Brain

Okay, so I've posted several times on here about the wonderful curse of the idiot brain that most pregnant women experience. I've shared several stories with you about forgetting things and such. Yesterday takes the cake.

Forrest came home last night, and I was sprawled out on the couch. I'd done too much walking around and not enough resting, and my GOODNESS... I was hurting. Not the contraction kind of hurting, just very sore from a baby pressing against my pelvic floor and bones all day long. I started to get up to fix dinner, but he insisted on fixing it... which made me swoon. :) While he was fixing dinner, I sat at the table in the kitchen talking to him about his day. At one point, I got up to wash my hands. As I'm standing at the sink, Forrest starts to laugh.

"Your shirt is on inside out!"

I blushed a million and one colors as I recalled the many places I had run errands today.

"Did you wear that shirt all day long?" (more laughter)

I had been to the dry cleaners, Sam's Club, Walmart, Target, and Babies-R-Us... wearing a very obviously inside out shirt. The worst part? This shirt is ugly, I hate it... but it fits me, and covers the basketball growing inside my belly. I just wanted to roll over and die from embarrassment. But then again, I'm sure things worse than this will happen once the sleep deprivation kicks in after baby Shepherd is born.


Reesh said...

Ha! Last night I got up and made myself a bowl of oatmeal then I walked into the dining room and started talking to my sister. A few minutes later I walked back to the kitchen and made myself another bowl of oatmeal, completely forgetting about the one I had already made! Not to worry, I ate them both!

K. said...

Gosh, I remember those days when my brain was completely HOSED from the growing baby. How about this one - at my 35 week appt, the doctor told me (as usual) to pee in the cup. I knew the drill, come on... we had been doing this for weeks now! I go into the bathroom, do my business, wash my hands, dry them. And then realize that the still empty cup is on the counter.

It goes away after the baby comes. But let me warn you -- not immediately!

Erika said...

ROFL...thank you for the laugh!! I guess it is the decreased blood flow to the brain, but it's frustrating.