Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Braxton Hicks

The last two days have been... interesting. I have felt more crampy and "contraction-ish" than ever (if that's a word). I counted 5 Braxton Hicks contractions yesterday that weren't anything little. They each lasted about a minute, but were hours apart or at least very, VERY sporadic. It does seem like my body is going through some new changes though. My legs are crampy, though I haven't had any more major leg cramps, they just hurt. My hips... Heavens! My hips! I can only last about 30 minutes on each side before I feel as if my hip joint is about to cave through my pelvis. That, and this wonderful thing called pinched nerves that I get if I turn a certain way. Not fun! Also, the baby has had hiccups every day for the last 4 days. It's kinda funny, but at the same time, kind of annoying, because... everytime he bounces w/ a hiccup, he presses against either a bladder or pelvic bone. FUN!!

Anyways, so I'm 34 weeks today. I can't believe it!! Only 3 more weeks until I'm full term!! Things are getting pretty exciting around here in anticipation of lil' Shepherd's arrival. The crib is sitting in the nursery, waiting on a mattress (which hopefully after this weekend of showers, we'll have). The baby's closet is organized (or at least the crap is all hidden). I've washed a few clothes in anticipation, I've folded blankets, written a few thank-you notes, and tried to sort through all the junk that's in that room to see what we can give to Goodwill. Thankfully, my mom and dad are planning a trip up here one weekend to help us haul the load of Goodwill stuff out, and to try to arrange the nursery a little differently. I cannot WAIT!

Well, I'm going to go try to see if I can get my camera working again, and maybe... MAYBE... get a 34 week shot of my belly!


girl from florida said...

You are really almost there! I can't wait till I'm there too :) My hips are just starting to hurt now, I have to be careful to turn over a lot at night- which REALLY makes sleeping difficult since I have to wake up and physically turn myself over. Oh well! I'll enjoy sleeping SO MUCH MORE when I'm not pregnant! :)

Avorie said...

Oh I know!! I'm also 34 weeks and all of the sudden I'm WAY more uncomfortable than before! My hips hurt so badily and if I try to put a pillow between my knees, my legs just get more claustrophobic!

I hope you get your camera working again. We need some new belly shots and nursery pictures!

Erika said...

I haven't had any BH contrax yet...I'm really curious as to what they feel like....??

Reesh said...

My whole body is in agony being on bedrest and all. Five more days til I'm full term and off bedrest and then good luck getting me to go to bed at all after that!!