Monday, December 12, 2005

Somehow, this doesn't seem right...

Your Christmas is Most Like: A Very Brady Christmas

For you, it's all about sharing times with family.
Even if you all get a bit cheesy at times.


MetroDad said...

Ok, this is weird. I don't know what movie my Christmas would most be like but this past weekend? A Very Brady Christmas was on. I'd never seen it before. How is that possible? My wife and I watched the whole damn thing. What the hell happened to Bobby? Did he get hit by a truck? And I knew Jan would grow up looking like a bitch. Sorry. I'm babbling. I was so disturbed by the movie, I can't stop talking about it.

Rude Cactus said...

A Very Brady Christmas rocks! Except when Mike has to go back to work. That kinda blows.