Thursday, December 15, 2005

Revenge of the Idiot Brain

Sooooo.... my brain is completely worthless. Seriously. I'm contemplating a brain transplant, because the child has sucked my brains dry. This isn't your "I forgot to flush the toilet" kind of thing, or the "I forgot to pick something up at the grocery store" kinda of thing. This is more like, "What's my name again?!"

For starters, I didn't sleep very well last night. Let's correct that, I only slept for 2 hours. And that wasn't in a row. So this morning, I decided I'd had enough of the trying to sleep, and got up when Forrest did at 6 to eat some breakfast. After he left for work, I decided to lay back down and try one last time. I promptly snoozed for a good hour, and then woke up in a panic at 8:45. "CRAP!!!!!" I thought to myself. I have a doctors appointment at 9:30!!!!!! (Keep in mind, our doctor is in Fairfax, we live in Woodbridge.... a good 30-45 minute drive). So I sprung out of bed (ha! more like, flailed around, and finally rolled out of bed), got dressed, brushed my hair, and ran out the door. I flew up I-95 to the doctors office, ran in in a huff at 9:45 and apologized to the lady at the counter for being late. She looked at me blankly... I looked back at her. What time was my appointment, she asked. 9:30, I said... and slowly began to panic. I was at the right place, right? *looks around* Yes... this is my doctors office.... She asks if I have my appointment card, so I frantically thumb through my purse, and find the card... pull it out... and then, it dawns on me.


Yes, I had driven a good 45 minutes to a doctors appointment that was scheduled for tomorrow... I slowly put my head in my hands, and sighed deeply. The beautiful nurse smiled at me, and said the most glorious words I could ever hear. "Don't worry, we'll squeeze you in since you're here" and winked at me. I wanted to marry her right there... I was so glad that I wouldn't have to go through this again, and said I'd wait as long as it took. It only took them 45 minutes to see me (which considering I was "squeezed in", is amazing.

So the baby is doing great! Measuring perfectly at 30 weeks, heartbeat is strong at 145/bpm, and kicking up a storm! As I left, I apologized profusely to the doctor, the nurses, the check-out lady, the pregnant lady behind me in line, to the janitor.... everyone, because, I felt THAT.BAD. about coming early. But they all just smiled, and politely said they understood... Which I am so incredibly thankful for. I'm also thankful that I don't have to drive tomorrow morning in the snow/ice/freezing rain mess that's going on outside right now. So in a way... my idiot brain seems to have paid off... now if only I could remember to flush the toilet when I'm done (I promise, I've never, EVER in my life forgotten to flush... it's just plain gross). :)


Erika said...

Oh my god, thank goodness they fit you in, that would have been terrible if not!!

Isabel said...

I am only at the "forget to flush the toilet" phase of my pregnancy!! Can't wait for more good times!

I am happy they were able to squeeze you in!

Now take a nap!

Avorie said...

I'm glad baby is doing well!

Pregnancy has made me really forgetful too. During the first trimester, I picked my cat up, forgot he was in the car, and went grocery shopping while it was over 100 degrees outside! I almost died when I got back in the car and realized that I had done. Thankfully he was okay.

I cried the whole rest of the day and told Hubby and my mom that I wasn't fit to be a parent!

Reesh said...

Yes pregnancy brain - the only thing I don't forget is to eat and go pee, the rest of my life is a bit of a mad blurry scramble...

Mrs Big W said...

The memory thing actually gets worse if you can believe it.... start writing stuff down!

I want to go to your doctor... the women in my doctor's office are among the most unhelfpul people on God's green earth. I have actually met women who've left this practice because of the office staff.