Friday, December 30, 2005

Post-Christmas Flu

We're back, but I haven't updated because I've been busy hosting Forrest's dad and brother, while taking care of my sick husband. It looks like he has the flu... Yeah, Merry Christmas Forrest! Poor thing... he IS feeling better this morning, and I think his fever is down. Last night was pretty rough. But we both got some good sleep (he's still sleeping) and today he's going to stay home from work to try to recover. We have plans for New Years that involved a concert at the Kennedy Center and a party afterwards. I've already talked my father-in-law out of eating out right before, and just having something here at the house. Next step? Talking him out of the party afterwards. Forrest (even if feeling a little better) doesn't need to be out and about all weekend, especially if this is the flu...but sometimes, people just don't understand these things.
Anyways... I really want to post pictures of our Christmas and tell y'all how wonderful it was to be home... but right now, I leave you with probably the most embarrasing picture of the holidays... (and I might add, Forrest and I had NOTHING to do with this).

(Yes, that's Forrest's other grandfather. Yes, that's his Christmas gift. and Yes, he's almost 80 years old. what you don't see is the Horny Goat Weed that Forrest's cousin gave him as well. Getting a picture of our family??? *grin*)

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