Monday, December 05, 2005

Onesie by Forrest

Onesie by Forrest
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Saturday, Forrest attended a screenprinting workshop in which he learned more about screenprinting. He was allowed to take several items to screenprint. He took this onsie and it turned out BEAUTIFULLY!!! Seriously, I was so excited when he got home to show me. Our little man will have a unique, one of a kind designed onsie, that his daddy made him. Isn't that special? :)


Isabel said...

So cute.

My Dad is a high school graphic arts teacher (he teaches screen printing, etc.). I am going to have to pass this idea on to him. Maybe he can come up with something cute for our little guy. Usually he just gives us the t-shirts that his students make that he thinks we would like. Which means I own more than a 100 t-shirts.

For the record, I never wear t-shirts!! :-)

Nana Cathy said...

It is the absolute most awesome onesie ever!