Friday, December 02, 2005


We finally got our crib ordered (the one in the picture, except in black). We thought we'd already gotten one ordered, as Forrest's dad is a furniture salesman. But he called us last week to tell us that the crib we picked out was being discontinued. So, we had to start all over and pick a new crib out. Why is it that every crib out there looks exactly the same to me?! Finally we found a great store that had an AWESOME collection of cribs (seriously, I almost wet myself with excitement when I saw the selection). Not only were there lots of cribs, but they were GOOD cribs. Cribs that our Baby Bargains book rated very highly, and were very safe. We found one that we absolutely loved, but alas, they didn't have it in stock. And it takes 8-12 weeks to deliver. Great I thought... just when we find the one we want, it won't be here in time for the baby. But Forrest made a good point, that it'd be better to order the one we want, and have the baby sleep in a bassinet initially (we weren't going to invest in a bassinet) than to order something we didn't like, and end up hating it. Plus, this bed converts into a double later on. The nice thing about this bed, is it has a drop-gate. Now, I've heard bad things about drop-gates on cribs, mainly about babies getting fingers caught, but this brand has come up with a way around that. The hinge actually never closes. Hard to explain, but there's no way the baby can catch his little fingers... AND it gives you some more room to lean over (compared to the other cribs that convert that don't have drop sides).
The other thing we have yet to pick out is the crib bedding. We're going to go with something Unisex (even though we know it's a boy) because we totally plan on having more kids, and with some of those bedding sets costing upwards of $160-200, I'd rather get my money's worth this time around (even if someone else buys it). I'll look up a few I like, and post their pictures and see what y'all think.
So with the crib and changing table ordered, things are slowly beginning to take place. I actually have a shower planned!!! I seriously thought I wouldn't have one since we moved out of state away from all my friends. My aunt is throwing one with my family in January here in VA, so that should be a lot of fun. :)
Well, my time is almost up at the library (Forrest had to borrow the laptop for work today, so I'm computer-less at home), so I'd better get going... Hope y'all have a great day!!!


Rude Cactus said...

Ahh baby furniture purchasing. Always fun! At least you found something you like!

Matthew said...

We put our twins in a Pack 'N' Play for the first two months (that was in our room). They didn't even use their cribs until they were two months.

The new Pack 'N' Plays are great and you can use them as a portable crib when you travel. I'd suggest that instead of a bassinet you'll only briefly use.

We bought bumpers that matched our paint job but we decided against spending $200 on bedding that you can't use because of SIDS risk anyway.

I really liked your crib when we saw it too. If we weren't buying two cribs we probably would have bought that one. Great choice!

Erika said...

I wanted a black crib too but talked myself out of it. I can't wait to see your nursery!!