Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Complaints 101

*PHEW* I just got back from trying to finish up my Christmas shopping. We have one person left on our list (my father-in-law) and he is incredibly difficult to buy for. I just spent 3 hours on my feet shopping, and MAN, am I tired. Not so much the normal, "my feet hurt from walking in the mall tired" (which, I do have a little of) but more of the, "Holy Crap! This child is heavy, and my entire body is sagging forward from the weight of carrying this child!" I have also never been so overjoyed to find a bathroom in my life (it took me 30 minutes to find out where one was and to get there). I seriously almost hugged the toilet, but thought twice about that and decided it would probably be poor taste (GAH! my humor! horrible! sick!)

So, 3 hours out, and do I have a thing to show for it? Nope! I take that back, I did manage to get Forrest's stocking stuff out of the way, but that doesn't count... that only took a mere 30 minutes (if that). So now what? I have no earthly idea what to buy the man, and my husband is even more clueless than I... the only thing I can think to do is to make a basket full of chocolates and goodies. But that just doesn't seem original enough. And DANGIT! I'm a good gift-giver... I give great gifts! Original! Thoughtful! Good Gifts! and now? Since my brain has turned to mush and slowly sunk into my belly, I cannot think of ONE.ORIGINAL.IDEA! I am at a loss of words to explain to you, my friends, how much this troubles me. I have never... ever... in 24 years of life... not known what to get someone (or at least had SOME vague idea). I am officially stumped.

Thing is, this man isn't your typical type of guy, who would appreciate a football jersey, a tool, a gadget, or something like that. No... my father-in-law is very, VERY unique. He collects china, crystal, silver, antiques... he's a traveling salesman, so he doesn't have much time to read. You might suggest books on tape... we've done that before, but he's even stopped listening to that because he calls his dealers when he's on the road driving. As far as I know, he doesn't have any hobbies (aside from his collections) and doesn't have much time to do anything. Gift cards won't work, because he doesn't normally shop at your regular run-of-the-mill places or eat at the regular restaurants. Thankfully, I was able to pull of the "worlds best birthday gift" this year (according to him) when I found a Christmas cd by Chicago (his favorite band). (His birthday is during thanksgiving, so it made sense to get a Christmas cd). He hasn't stopped talking about it since... so now? I feel like I've got to do better than that... because that was just his birthday!

ANY.WAYS. Now that I'm home, I feel a good nap coming on... hopefully the baby will nap with me (because last night, he decided since mommy was sleeping, it must be party time). If you guys have any sort of solution to my delimma I will give you a BIG SPECIAL SURPRISE! (my undying devotion and loyalty... *grin*)


Avorie said...

The red envlope (http://www.redenvelope.com) sometimes has unique gifts.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you having his grandson? Isn't that gift enough?

Erika said...

I can't do the all day shopping (or even half-day) anymore either...I am so worn out!