Friday, September 23, 2005

A Post in which I ramble to a memory...

I honestly don't know what to write about. Not much is going on right
now in my life that's funny or blog-worthy, but I must continue to
write. My worst fear is that I'll give up on this blog. I'm a very
good self-starter when it comes to projects, but when it comes to
finishing them, or seeing them through until completion, I totally
SUCK! This means there are plenty of half done things around the
house... like the crochet that I was going to teach myself how to do,
the casserole dishes that I bought to make and freeze casseroles, and
a few half read books on the bookshelf. But those things aside, I can
say I'm proud of myself in one area. I have finished 3 books in the
last 2 weeks. That in itself is amazing. I haven't read that many
books since I was in high school. I used to read like a fiend... so
much so, that once... I got in trouble for reading one of my books in
READING class folks! I was so into my book that I didn't hear the
teacher call on me, and it was really awkward because when I finally
noticed that the class was quiet and everyone was looking at me, it
was like the third time the teacher had called my name. I felt
stupid. But... it was reading class.... and I was reading... how could
she punish me?!? :)
I have this new found love for the library. I don't know that I'll
ever buy a book again. Seriously. I can read the books, not pay a dime
for them, and return them when I'm done. Between Forrest and me, we
have enough books to fill two bookshelves, and we don't' need any more.
Not only do they have books, they have music, videos, and DVD's!! I
can check those things out too!! Amazing! :) The other thing I love
about the library is the smell. Have you ever noticed that thick
smell of books when you walk in a library? Nothing is more wonderful
than that smell. It takes me back to one of my earliest memories.
I was 5 years old, and I wanted to go to the public library. We lived
in the small town of Buena Vista, VA at the time. Our home was 2
blocks from the library, and once a week we'd walk to the library to
check out books. I remembering getting giddy once we arrived there.
All of those books to choose from, for free!!! I remembering the
feeling of excitement that would rush through me as the smell of the
library hit my nostrils as I walked in. I was in heaven.
As the years went on, I still loved going there, and I remember
sitting in the aisles of books, reading The Boxcar Children, and
occasionally lifting the book to my nose to smell the sweet smell of
paper. Over the years, I don't' know what happened, but libraries
became synonymous with research, and long papers, and studying that I
grew to despise going. The smell that once held such rapture for me as
a child, made me cringe. In college, I can honestly say I only went
to the library less than 10 times in my 4 years there. And then, only
to pick up books I"d reserved for my research. Only when we moved to
Virginia a few weeks ago, did I fall in love with the library again.
It's quiet hum, with free internet, and wonderful books has pushed me
to pursue my passion for reading all over again. I enjoy the guilty
pleasure of a fiction novel that isn't over my head, as well as the
deep intellectual books that push my knowledge and teach me to see
things in a new light. So, I ask... When was the last time you
visited the library? Not Borders... not Barnes and Noble... but the
library? Do you have a favorite memory of the library as a child?


Matthew said...

My elementary school library was, when I look back on it now, pretty small. However as a third grader it seemed so huge and I loved finding books to read. For a while there I loved the Encyclopedia Brown books where Encyclopedia Brownd would always know whodunit. I could never figure it out!

However, the thing I remember most about the library was that one time they had an exhibit on dental hygiene. They put a tooth in a glass of Coke. Within a week that tooth was completely rotten. I've never looked at Coke the same way again.

Ween said...

That smell is the reason I'm getting my Masters in Library Science.

So I can spend every day in the stacks.

Heaven on earth.