Monday, August 08, 2005


Forrest got the job! Forrest got the job! :) We're moving to DC!!!!

Friday afternoon, Forrest stopped by the office to say hey (he had planned on this anyways), but when he came in, he asked if I wanted to go outside. I didn't think anything of it, and on the way out, I casually asked (like always) if he'd heard anything. He looked at me and said "maybe". I hate it when he does that, because sometimes he's kidding, but something told me he wasn't kidding. So when we got outside, he told me he had gotten a call, and that they'd offered him the job. YAY!!!! He starts August 29th... which, HOLY COW!! is pretty soon. So, I gave my 2 weeks notice on Friday (YAY!). We plan on moving August 25-27. Lots of stuff to do between now and then. Find an apartment, pack up our house, move.... wow, crazy!! But we're super super excited about it.

In other pregnancy related news, the Lima Bean is doing great. S/he kept up with me while I packed a bunch of boxes Saturday, but early afternoon, s/he tired out and let me know REALLY fast. The rest of the weekend consisted of just lying around and resting. Morning sickness and stuff seems to have worn off. I have my bad days, but so far, the past week has been wonderful. The Lima Bean is a full 10 weeks and 6 days old (making me 2 lunar months along). :) Amazing! I'm almost into my second trimester!!! Craziness! :) I'm excited about moving and getting a nursery set up for the Lima Bean... :) so much fun! We found some fun sites for decorating, including this one, What is Blik, that has removable adhesive that's perfect for decorating apartments. :)


Rude Cactus said...

You're moving to DC? Yay! You're first time parents? I think we have much in common!

Corinne said...

:) Any advice on the move would be appreciated... :)

Matthew said...

My one piece of advice:

This is your best chance to purge stuff you don't need or want. In a few months you will go into a nesting stage and throw out a lot of the stuff you're going to waste your time packing now.

Pack only the things you ABSOLUTELY KNOW you want.

And take it easy - you're pregnant!