Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Last day of work...

Well, I'm at the office right now. Things are a bit crazy. See, not only do I have to help pack our house up, but our office is moving buildings tomorrow, so I'm helping with that. Or at least trying to. See, everytime I do anything, the ladies at work start screaming at me, "DON'T MOVE!!! YOU'RE GOING TO KILL YOUR BABY!!!!!!"

Oh well, so I'll just sit here at my desk and blog away, while they do all the work. :) In all seriousness, it was sort of sad coming in to work today. While I hate my job, I love the women I work with. They are so kindhearted, loving, and just absolutely wonderful. These are the women who are taking me to lunch at the Village Draft House where I will promptly DEVOUR the fried mushrooms, cheese fries, and a yummy hamburger. They also have other wonderful pregnancy-craving foods... Deep Fried Pickles (very yummy), homemade potato chips, and many many other foods.

Ok, must go, we have a meeting!!!

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